Saclà is based on longstanding traditions in the food sector that have been handed down for nearly 75 years. The company was founded in 1939 in the town of Asti in the north-western region of Piemonte, Italy’s northern gastronomic heartland. Saclà still produces its sauces and delicacies here today. This important conserves producer has always been a family business, and is currently managed by the third generation which continues its devotion to crafting and marketing delicious Italian food products for consumers to enjoy. Saclà is proud of its heritage and “Italianess”, with the prime company ambition being to bring Italian taste and a joyful attitude towards food to the global table. Saclà has factories and a closely knit network of co-packers running the length and breadth of Italy, in addition to almost 60 wholly owned subsidiaries in key strategic markets making it a truly international business.


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