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Exports Confirm Trend

The yearly assembly held by Italy’s dairy producer association, Assolatte, confirmed that Italian cheese exports throughout the world are continuing to increase, highlighting a series of encouraging results. The first quarter of 2013 showed growth of 5.8% in the quantity of Italian cheese exported, which sat at approximately 70,000 tonnes. The industry also ended 2012 breaking the former record of 300 thousand in exports (+7%), hitting a value of some 2 billion euros (+3.5%). Cheeses that are absolutely unique to Italy are the hardened varieties such as Grana Padano. While this DOP cheese already sells the most abroad, others like Trentingrana are enriching the offer with exports equalling 7-8% of production. As reported by GIFT media partner Distribuzione Moderna, this group of producers intends to continue to exploit its competitive advantage in offering Made in Italy cheese in foreign markets.


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