Exports are Decisive

76% of the most important wine producers in Italy closed out last year with positive financial results, and more increases in turnover forecast for the future. The average gains for the sector were 4% compared to 2011 figures. Despite lingering economic uncertainty, 95% of wine cellars in Italy express promising expectations for 2013, which once again will see exports at centre stage. At least this is what 30 of the country’s most important wine producers representing 2 billion euros in turnover, and 20% of Italy’s earnings from wine think.

The slip in domestic wine consumption has opened a crack in the wall, but the solidity of the businesses in the sector has not come into question. This is largely thanks to exports which currently stand at historic records.
This almost unanimous feeling can be explained for 95% of the companies interviewed that 2012 was marked by growth due to sales abroad, with an average of +13% on 2011 in terms of increased turnover.