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EXPO 2015. The Malaysian pavilion is doing improper propaganda on palm oil. Great Italian Food Trade and Il Fatto Alimentare are writing to the Food Expo Commissioner, Giuseppe Sala: remove that signboard.










Dear Commissioner Sala, we, the undersigned lawyerDario Dongo and Dr. Roberto La Pira, in their roles as editors of Great Italian Food Trade ( and Il Fatto Alimentare (, independent information websites regarding the sector of agro-food law and consumer rights, we hereby stand for and ask the following.


We have found out about the display of a signboard, at the Malaysian pavilion at the Expo, reporting the hypothetical opposition to the European law on voluntary information about the absence of palm oil on food labels. 



This news is entirely unfounded, as can be seen from its dubious introduction: asserting the theoretical violation of an EU regulation referring in fact not to the legislation, nor the legislator or the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg (the only entities entitled to express official interpretations), but the positions of ‘experts in the legal field’ and a ‘well-known international law firm’.


However, since the World Expo is not a propaganda stage for theorems of interpretation of European law, and the message proposed in the Malaysian pavilion can lead to confusion among consumers and traders visiting the Expo, we hereby ask for your intervention in order to ensure that the aforementioned signboard , whose photograph is attached below, is promptly removed.


We look forward to receiving your prompt reply. d284aed0-219a-4c35-b83d-bf1502bd1d31

Best regards 


Dario Dongo 

Roberto La Pira