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Espresso at Home for Everyone


Kimbo has also joined Illy and Indesit, as the three Italian brands unite to launch UNO capsules for espresso machines in an attempt to disturb the dominant position of Nespresso in the market segment for home espresso. The project, which was originally planned by the Trieste coffee giant and the Marche appliance manufacturer, as previously reported by GIFT, will enrich the collaboration through the participation famous coffee roaster founded in Naples in the 1960s.
The Illy-Kimbo-Indesit system is betting on a specific sales channel, and will be the first to be found not only in specialty shops, but also in supermarkets. It is an idea aimed at providing greater availability to families, as well as contributing to the image of Italian espresso as a daily pleasure that anyone can enjoy, different from the more closed and exclusive marketing strategy with Hollywood stars as product endorsers found elsewhere. Both machines and capsules will be available in large-scale distribution, and specialised outlets in autumn 2013.