Drink to Health and the Environment

Values at Agrumi-Gel are a fusion of tradition and modernity based on three pillars:

Quality: A commitment to providing a high quality product through careful selection of suppliers, and only the best fruit, thanks to the use of innovative technology and scrupulous health and hygiene controls. Training personnel is also of utmost importance for maintaining this objective.

Environment: Respect for the territory is the foundation for sustainable business. The company ensures its compliance with environmental protocols, and is committed to reducing the impact of its production process on the environment, preventing polluting emissions, as well as implementing correct waste management procedures. Agrumi-Gel has one of the only closed-cycle citrus processing facilities in Italy, in which 100% of byproducts are used to produce biogas and dried skins for biofuel.

Customer Satisfaction: Satisfying the demands of customers is best achieved through offering the highest level of quality. Constant research is a key factor, and Agrumi-Gel considers this  fundamental to ensure the characteristics of its products are in line with the consumer expectations, above all in terms of health, freshness and taste.