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Do Your Muscles Well


Protein from milk, eggs, fiber, sugar and starch, not to mention “botanicals”. All of the ingredients for food supplements dedicated to sports are described in About Sport Nutrition, a report published by the ESSNA.

The most widespread recipe for sports supplements are based around their protein contribution (from milk, eggs, soy or meat), simple sugars (sucrose, fructose), or cereal starches (like corn, wheat and oats). Other micronutrients like vitamins and minerals, amino acids or herbal extracts may also be added. Carbohydrate drinks – which are experiencing a huge boom – can contain any of these elements, in addition to other additives necessary for more focused purposes.

Protein supplements are specifically engineered for those who engage in intense physical exercise, often taken with some kind of amino acid, giving athletes what they need to recover, repair and increase muscle mass. Creatine, a substance that is produced by the body and also found in food, is also one of the most popular ingredients, and is best suited for resistance and building muscles.