Dedicated to Finest Quality

Italian beef producers create a vast array of products from raising cattle for fresh beef, to using this precious red marbled meat for curing and other processes for exquisite and refined products. Although geographic and demographic factors mean that Italy is unable to produce enough beef to meet domestic demand, companies and livestock farmers throughout the peninsula have continued the traditional pursuit of excellence to underscore their value at the international level.

Beef producers in Italy work in tandem with partners in Europe to satisfy market requirements, but true Italian beef – that with the deepest connection to the territory and the highest quality – can be found in the following breeds: Piedmontese, Chianina, Romagnola, Marchigiana, Podolica, Maremmana, Pezzata Rossa Italiana, Valdostana, Grigia Alpina and Rendena. If it is not one of these, than the young bovine was likely imported for fattenting from another European country.

Processed beef products are also high on the list of Italian specialties. Few can deny the unique flavor and low-fat content of Bresaola, or the convenience and quality of the many ready-to-serve products that are so dear to locals and their consumers around the world.