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Data on Italian Oils


In 2011-2012 Italy confirmed itself as the world’s number one bottled olive oil exporter, with a rise in sales of roughly 3%. Boosting the expansion of the sector’s offer was above all the performance of the organic oil segment. The figures were released by the observatory of the industry’s entrepreneurial association Assitol, reported in Distribuzione Moderna. Conventional olive oil limited its losses at -2.6%, “100%” Italian brand name oil collapsed at -35.7%, DOP and IGP oils were worse with -64.3%, while organic oils gained over 12%.
The USA is the leading country for bottled olive oil imports from Italian producers, with an increase in trade of 5.3%. In Europe, the surprise came from the east, where interest increased virtually across the board in Russia (+25%), Croatia (+20%), Czech Republic (+11.8%), Serbia (+17%) and Poland (+1.2%). Looking even further to Asia, the prospects are even better for increases in exports to Japan, India, China and South Korea.