Creativity that Respects the Traditional

Saclà is passionate about Italian food, as can be seen from the ingredients and recipes. It is a small business compared to its competitors, but very innovative. At Saclà, strength has nothing to do with size, but rather with creativity and soul, thinking about food with creativity and respect for the many values attached to it: tradition, family, simplicity, health and joy. Saclà creates hundreds of recipes every year and continues to enrich its product range with new Italian delicacies, and offers shoppers all the necessary elements to prepare an authentic Italian meal at home. Saclà never forgets the values of quality that have always been the driver: careful selection of raw ingredients, as well as supportive relationships with growers. Saclà is  made up of cooks, farmers, artisans, producers and businessmen working in the spirit of its founders to share the very best of Italian food with customers and consumers all around the world.