Food sustainability

Coop Aims at Transparency

coop origini

It is now possible to have all the information on a product’s origin with just one click. The project was unveiled by Coop Italia, which has inserted in its portal a list of the origins of all ingredients used in its house brand products.

This operation aimed at transparency regards some 1,400 items used by consumers every day, from tomato sauce, to milk, yogurt, cereals, vegetable preserves and others. The only excluded data are those already required by law, as for fresh produce and beef, or by Coop itself, poultry and pork.

Access to the online database is allowed by typing the barcode, or the name of the product. Indication of origin are available for primary ingredients, from a qualitative and/or quantitative point of view. For secondary ingredients, it is possible to submit a special request. An App has also been created to aid consumers in their quest. For those who still don’t use the web, the same information can be found at Coop points of sale throughout Italy.