Consumers Buy More Organic

Italy is increasingly confirming itself as a leader in organic agriculture. Companies, consumption and cultivation areas centering on this methodology are increasing. In 2012 the number of Italian organic producers saw an increase of 3% compared to the previous year, and dedicated farmland expanded by 6.4%.

These numbers have been confirmed by preliminary figures from the Ministry of Agricultural policy, which will be presented in entirety at the International Exhibition of organic and Natural Products (SANA), taking place in Bologna from September 7-10. Italy is among the top countries in the world for the surface area given over to organic farming (8.7%). There are over 41,000 producers, the most in the European Union. Moreover, the positive trend in consumption shows no sign of slowing down, up for the last seven years despite the crisis.

According to data from the Italian Confederation of Farmers, in the first half of 2013 organic brands showed growth of 8.8% and 76% of Italians say they buy organic products at least twice a month.