Choice Cuts Only

The history of canning beef is linked to the need for making access to this high biological value protein easier for large-scale consumption, which has been achieved due to its competitive price and the possibility of transporting, as well as storing the product without cold chain distribution.

The history of Manzotin, Italy’s canned beef par excellence, is set apart for its unparalleled efforts in increasing the quality of its product. First of all, only the finest cuts are used during production – the forequarters of veal, in addition to young and adult beef – all rigorously lean, so that flavour is better conserved over time. The meat is also preserved in a gelatin, reducing added salt to an absolute minimum.

In over a half-century on the Italian market, Manzotin has kept a solid presence in the cupboards of Italy’s families, an affordable but precious source of nutrition that is always ready for easy use.