Changing Trends in Water Consumption

In the USA, orders of bottled water have boomed over the last 5 years through e-commerce channels, according to the Financial Times. The online version of the financial journal dedicated an entire article to the increasing tendency of Americans to purchase bottled water over the web.

As an example, results from a Nestlé smartphone application were examined that accounted for 70% of orders. It is an interesting trend for mineral water producers in Italy to observe, as they lead global production and consumption with 12,450 liters produced and 11,400 consumed, valued at some 2bln euros (data from Mineracqua). This is the fastest growing segment in the drinking water sector, even surpassing the large 3 or 5 gallon jugs found in American homes and offices.

The FT also highlighted that mineral water is filling in the gap left by decreasing demand for high calorie beverages over the last ten years. The bottled water industry in the US was worth just 5.8bln in 2002, reaching almost 9bln in 2012.