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Changes in Turkish Eating Habits


A recent Euromonitor video reports that the health and wellness food market in Turkey is riding high on the crest of a wave due to a series of factors that are practically unique in Europe and the Near East. The report highlights its status as an emerging economy as the root of this surge in growth, with the Turkish market showing a 10% overall increase in current value in 2012 compared to the 3% of its European neighbours. The largest gain came from the organic food segment, which saw expansion of 24%. The macroeconomic environment is literally ripe for such a shift, with lower unemployment and the busybody, urbanised reality of Europe’s youngest population fuelling a premium price market for those looking for healthier food alternatives. This is being supported by the rise of hypermarkets and supermarkets giving consumers more choices in terms of diet. The connection between health, wellness and food is also reflected in the battle being waged against obesity in the country. Turkey’s 10mln obese and 18mln overweight citizens have caused the government to expand its reduced fat and sugar labelling regimes to provide shoppers with more information on what they eat. Olive oil, nuts and honey are seeing the biggest gains.