Certification of Excellence

ASDOMAR chooses to produce its tuna in Italy, because only by keeping the entire production cycle on Italian territory is it possible to achieve true Italian quality. Production has continued in Olbia, Sardinia, since 2008, focused on the over 50 years of traditional tuna manufacturing, a human and professional patrimony that makes each product unique. Decades of experience in selecting, cleaning, cutting and cooking tuna, together with technological innovation, are the basis for ASDOMAR quality.

The permanence of all stages of production in Italy means obtaining products with the best attributes. Products are continually evaluated, and produced in line with the art of the Italian culinary tradition. The choice is also significant in the company’s strategy of supporting employment in Italy.

ASDOMAR holds deep respect for values at work and has been granted SA 8000 social responsibility certification. Constant research into quality is also expressed through other certified acknowledgments. The ASDOMAR production facility has also obtained the International Food Standard (IFS) certification, among others.