Breaks Down in Just 80 Days

Completely biodegradable and 100% vegetable-based, the Bio Bottle from Sant’Anna mineral water is the first of its kind made from natural materials, and therefore able to be recycled with other organic waste.

A world exclusive, as well as the first of its kind in Italy, the 1.5 liter bottle is biodegradable in 80 days, as demonstrated by the disintegration test carried out by the Italian Composter’s Consortium (CIC). The bottle is obtained from a biopolymer of vegetable origin (Ingeo), produced from the fermentation of plant sugars instead of petroleum. It also complies with the EN13432 standard, certifying its compostability.

As reported in Distribuzione Moderna, the Sant’Anna Bio Bottle was selected among the 150 most innovative items made in Italy by the Association for Industrial Design (ADI), and is present in its index for 2013.