An Ethical Contribution


The Melegatti pandoro is getting even better as Christmas 2013 approaches. The company that invented this Italian specialty, which has become synonymous with the holiday season, has made some 10,000 pandori available for a charity initiative organized by the D’Ambrosio Foundation.Verona’s Melegatti pandoro (750g package) will be delivered by groups of volunteers in exchange for a 6 euro donation.

All profits will go to supporting important social solidarity projects. In Zambia, work is being carried out to set up a gynecology department with an operating room for women afflicted with AIDS, as well as a structure to educate children living on the streets, the “Rosangela School Complex”. In India, there is the need of completing construction on an orphanage, while in Italy the objective is creating a new welcome unit at the Paul VI Center in Casalnoceto near the city of Alessandria.

An ethical pandoro will make this year’s Christmas better for everyone.