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Aiming at Leadership


According to the food journal Il Fatto Alimentare, Italy has set the task of reaching global leadership for quality olive oil by setting rules for the country’s national production that are even more stringent than those of the European Union. Two items which are ready to be introduced are the organoleptic (tasting) assessment, as well as lower limits for alkyl ester (fatty acids).
The Chamber of Deputies decided to urgently insert these measures into the development decree, anticipating the process which had already been laid out in the Mongiello bill in the Senate.
After investigative reports from journalists, in addition to controversy and a series of scandals which have struck the world of Italian olive oil in recent months, Italy does not intend to step down from its role in the defence of quality. This especially holds true for the upcoming battles over olive oil.
The highest authority governing international food standards, the Codex Alimentarius, part of FAO and WHO, is set to meet next spring during which the rules, parameters and limitations for quality olive oil should be redefined.