A World of Taste from the Sea

Italian fish producers are heirs, and sometimes creators, of timeless traditions that trace the historic, cultural and geographic fabric of the country. If it’s true that all life came from the sea, most of it is eaten on Italian tables, either fresh, or transformed into delicacies that span the globe to add character and prestige to the reputation of their expertise.

With 7,600 km of coastline and 7,210 square km of sovereign seas, Italy is second only to Greece in terms of exposure to the vast resources of the Mediterranean. Just five of Italy’s twenty regions are landlocked, two are islands (the basin’s largest), and the country’s unique shape stretches like a pier directly into its heart. This gives the producers who fish these waters, or process what comes out of them, a clear competitive advantage for freshness, added to regional characteristics in local cooking and specific technical know-how.

Italian fishing and fish processing doesn’t win by a numbers game. Rare attention is paid to sustainability, including rod fishing and aquaculture. This ensures that Italian fish producers will be able to hand down their art to future generations, as well as keep the world healthy, and satisfied with one the gems of Made in Italy cuisine.