A Very Good Year

A year of great achievements has been crowned by the creation of a multi-language website together with Modena’s food production consortiums. In 2013, the body that gathers Modena Prosciutto DOP producers also saw increased production throughout the year, which according to official data rocketed 45% in the first 10 months of the year compared to the same period of 2012.

“There has been increasing demand for Prosciutto di Modena DOP,” declared the group’s head Anna Cenceshi to Distribuzione Moderna, “making us look to the future with optimism.” This has led to more web-based promotion, which is finally living up to expectations in the food and agriculture sector with 21 billion euros is earnings and growth of 110% over the last four years.

Among the web’s new e-commerce portals is, where even the territory’s proclaimed prosciutto can be bought.