A Sustainable Network

Grand emblems, small experiences. There are many initiatives committed to environmental, social and economic sustainability in retail sector activities. GIFT’s social partner Planet Life Economy Foundation (PLEF), which in its ten years of activity has devoted special attention to distribution issues, is now set to offer them a unique occasion for dialogue, sharing and debate. The second edition of the Green Retail Forum will include the presentation of the Green Retail Network, the first structure to support sustainability in retail. Thanks to the specific know-how in digital communication and the development of social networks of Altavia, which is now a member of PLEF, the meeting will be an “extraordinary crossroads for information and intentions,” according to PLEF chairman Emanuele Plata, in an interview with Italian online publication Distribuzione Moderna. The event is scheduled to take place in Milan on Wednesday May 15 at East End Studios from 9:30 to 17.