Italian White Wine

A Sardinian Specialty

According legend, Sardinian Vernaccia wine originates from the tears of Santa Giusta, the patron saint of the town of Oristano. When they fell from the sky, each drop caused grapevines to grow and then clusters of grapes to appear. This is the mythic origin of Vernaccia di Oristano, a truly great wine that brings both pride and honour to Sardinia.

This ancient white grape variety was probably originally brought to the island by the Phoenicians. The name comes from the Latin expression “uva vernacular” which the Romans used to indicate “local” varietals. The unique characteristics of Vernaccia di Oristano DOC come from the process of oxidation in oak barrels for three or more years. Production rules, laid down in 1971 and updated in 2001 and 2011, define the areas in which it can be produced inside the province of Oristano.

It is yellow-gold in colour, with amber reflexes and a delicate bouquet with hints of almond flowers. It is refined to the palate, warm with a tinge of almonds. Its alcohol content rests at 15%-16%, and there are five types: superior, superiore Riserva or liquoroso for the secco, or dry varieties.