A New Context for Food

diritto cibo

November 18th 2013 is dedicated to the right to food. Discussing the theme is Stefano Rodotà, professor emeritus of civil law and Rome’s La Sapienza University, as well as an important figure in Italian politics. Always on the front lines for the defense of new rights, as his recent commitment in the field of digital rights attests, Rodotà presents a lesson on the long path of the evolution of the right to safe, healthy and enough food, stretching from the universal human rights declaration of 1948, until recent developments that make it a component of global citizenship.

It is a story that has continued over the last 60 years, in which the right to food has ceased to be merely an issue for the world’s poor and disadvantaged, becoming an entitlement that impacts on the whole of the human condition at any latitude.

The public meeting with Stefano Rodotà is a part of the series of events organized by Convivio, a round table on food and knowledge, set up by the Corriere della Sera Foundation and Expo 2015. The conference will be held at 8.30 pm at the Piccolo Teatro Grassi in Milan.