A New Chapter in Marketing

wep action

As a powerful vehicle for marketing, the web is proving itself to be a viral amplifier for consumers. Unheard through more traditional channels everything from letters to companies to requests sent to food safety authorities can get quick answers through initiatives set up on social media.

An interesting laboratory for this phenomenon is found in the USA, where the widespread availability of poor nutritional quality foods and lousy ingredients slams directly into consumer determination through their web prowess. The most recent example comes from the petition promoted on to convince a giant like Kraft to eliminate artificial colors and petroleum-based conservatives. A similar action has been aimed at Mars to substitute its blue dye with one extracted from spirulina algae.

The means have worked, with companies agreeing to evaluate the reformulation of their products to do away with the unwanted components. It is a sign of the awareness of the web’s viral potency, and the sense of urgency to pass to marketing 3.0 in an abandonment of bad old one-way communication.