A Cheese for Gourmands

Taleggio is not just a cheese, it is a form of art. Its furrowed rind progresses in almost imperceptible changes in hue from pinks to browns. It is velvety soft and pale yellow in its creamy center. It has an intense, penetrating aroma, with a sated flavour that is nothing less than the essence of the aging process itself. It is best eaten at room temperature, because only in this way can its full complexity be enjoyed to its fullest.

The part of Taleggio nearest its exterior is what grants it most of its flavour, so it is advisable to gently scrape the surface clean rather than cut away the “skin” as is done for many other cheeses. Taleggio can be savoured alone, with bread or toasted bruschetta, as well as melted into polenta. Its ease in melting is one of the many reasons it is also optimal for risottos.

Among recipes, a timeless classic is a risotto with Taleggio and radicchio. It is also appetising with nuts, fruit, jams, mustards and honey. An excellent drinking companion with young red wines, fresh with good tannins, to complement its buttery texture. To keep things local, try a Bonarda dell’Oltrepo Pavese DOC frizzante.