Frozen peas

Frozen peas, the best technique

The quality of the frozen peas, regardless of food safety aspects (microbial loads, the level of pesticides and heavy metals) which must in any case be guaranteed, it differs in organoleptic aspects such as appearance, color, size, sweetness and consistency of the integument and cotyledons.

These characters are influenced by the variety, cultivation area, the choice of the right point of ripeness for the harvest and a transformation process that homogeneously selects the different calibers, stabilizing the product. It is possible to measure its diameter and some parameters such as dry residue and AIS (Alcohol Insoluble Solids), which correlate to the ripening curve and define its tenderness and sweetness.

As far as freezing is concerned, the best way to freeze peas is to use a fluid bed technique (flow freezer) which allows the peas to be brought to temperatures <-20 ° C in a few minutes and to have IQF (individually quick frozen) peas. individually frozen peas.  

(Vincent Villani)

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