Food sustainability

Water footprint, An International Workshop


Finding out what the water footprint of the Italian food and agriculture sector is, and how to improve it is the subject of a workshop to be held in Venice on July 5th at the Vega Scientific Park. Italy’s food and agriculture industry will be there to address the issue with the world’s leading experts in the field of hydric resource protection. The water footprint gauges use and pollution in industrial and agricultural processes. Developed by King’s College professor and winner of the Stockholm Water Prize, Tony Allan, who will join the workshop remotely from London, it can be applied to single products, as well as to entire production cycles. The urgent need to improve the water footprint in food and agriculture is readily visible in the fact that agriculture accounts for 70% of surface and underground freshwater resources. The initiative entitled “The Food Industry Meets the Water Footprint” is being organised by AISM’s Green Marketing department in unison with the Venice Research Consortium, the two protagonists for this path to sustainable business management.