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Sol&Agrifood 2017

Sol&Agrifood 2017

Sol&Agrifood 2017. Biodiversity first

Sol&Agrifood 2017 concentrates on biodiversity in typical Italian farming products. With the next Veronafiere quality food international Salon, on from 9 to 12 April, an interactive theme area starts called Biodiversity and Territories, its guided tastings, tasting walks, English workshops for foreign buyers and cooking shows pushing products whose types express the country of origin’s biodiversity.

The place, available for organs, associations and single firms, is in the innovative layout Sol&Agrifood 2017, which involves reorganising all theme areas already present in the event: Cheese Experience for DOP cheese, extravirgin olive oil areas, craft beers, Taste of Coffee and the latest cold cuts, which enjoyed great success in the last Verona presentation.

Biodiversità e Territori is run by Sol&Agrifood in collaboration with Accademia delle 5T, the association set up to amplify the territory, tradition, typical, transparency and traceability values in the food field.

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