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Participatory sustainability

Participatory sustainability

Participatory sustainability. Easy with “Adopt a clump”

Participatory sustainability is the quickest and most effective way to improve the collective welfare. ‘Adopt a clump‘ is a fully-fledged part of this. The project promoted by Ecor, Italian brand of organic products, aims to become “guardian of the earth” by paying an annual contribution to a farm, in exchange for the supply of organic goods. participatory sustainability

The participatory initiative of Adopt a clump provides for the payment of a fee (50 or 200 euro) to one of the nine organic selected farms. It also allows to choose the portion of the soil to be supported, according to a measurement unit that corresponds to the ground needed to produce 150-200 kg of grain to provide bread for a year to a person.

Participatory sustainability is win-win. The aid given to farmers is rewarded with vouchers to spend in the fruit and vegetables section of NaturaSì and Cuorebio stores. To start shopping, though, you have to wait three months, the time between planting and harvest. Supporters can follow the progress of cultivation through a Country diary, in which there are insights on biodynamic and untreated harvests and the sustainability of such practices. 

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