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palm oil replacement

palm oil replacement

Palm oil, replacement is a must

Palm oil, replacement is mandatory. Moreover, it is imperative and urgent, without excessively aggravating on production costs. After the EFSA’s warning – see Palm Leaks – growing attention went to the reformulation of industrial aliments in palm oil free versions, in order to abandon the poor and dangerous tropical fat reintroducing in replacement extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil or butter, more sustainable and best under the nutritional aspect.

The know-how is there. For several years efforts have been exerted to discard the harmful oil and replace it with typical fat from Italian tradition and Mediterranean cuisine, free of serious problems such as land grabbing, environmental unsustainability and toxicity. Successful experiences show that using our own oils in food is easily practicable. Having palm oil free cookies, crackers, sweets or other products is a reality, as shown by the hundreds of references revisited in palm oil replacement.

Banishing the toxic oil and replacing it with quality ingredients is simple and free of burdensome increases. According to the Italian gurus of food formulation, the economic impact of changes in a bakery product can weigh for about 5-6%. A tolerable number if necessary to improve Italian food manufacturing, banner of the Made in Italy worldwide.


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