Food sustainability

Head of Generale Conserve

Head of Generale Conserve

Quality + respect = sustainability is the winning recipe of business leader Vito Gulli. The chairman of Generale Conserve, after bringing AsDoMar to the top position in high end fish conserves, is now focused on the relaunching of the historic Italian canned beef brand Manzotin.

The data speaks for itself, +9.4% in 2012 and +25% forecast for 2013. The figures confirm that sustainability pays. In the vision of Vito Gulli, in an interview with Distribuzione Moderna, it is essential to ensure respect and quality for workers, consumers and the environment, as well as animal wellbeing.

AsDoMar works exclusively with whole tuna, selected on the basis of criteria that guarantee fishing does not damage the reproductive cycles of fish species, and protects the marine habitat. The rigorous standards of procedures have been recognized by certifications Friend of the Sea, 100% Green Energy and the SA800.

The production facility in Olbia, Sardinia is built around a manual manufacturing tradition that has been handed down for generations. Each piece of tuna is thoroughly examined before being approved and processed. Nothing is wasted in the creation of a varied range of products, from first choice tuna fillets, to fish meal for use in raising livestock.