Food waste

Food waste, global emergency

Food waste amounts to 1.3 billion tonnes: a third of global agribusiness production. It could feed 3.5 billion people – that’s half the world population – for a whole year, but becomes trash.

The phenomenon causes various serious emergencies. It clashes with the enormous number of people still in a state of malnutrition (at least 800 million according to 2016 estimates) and worsens harmful effects on the environment, what with wasting resources (water, soil, energy), trash increase, pollution and global warming.

In Europe food waste means losing 88 million tonnes’ food, for a value of 143 billion Euro (report EU Fusions 2016). The chain points showing most food waste vary depending on wealth. In Europe they are linked to consumption: amid dwelling loss (100 million tonnes, 52% of the total) and restaurants, you reach 75-77% of the total – while in developing countries it is displayed in harvest and conservation phases.

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