First Choice of Alcoholic Beverage

In Italy, those who say beer are women. According to research carried out by the AssoBirra beer industry association, Italian women are the top consumers in the world of this beverage, distinguished also as the most moderate. 60% drink beer habitually, the study highlights, in appreciable moderation. Female per capita consumption in Italy is in fact low, just 14 liters compared to 64 in Ireland, 56 in Spain and Czech Republic, and 40 in the Russian Federation.

“France, Sweden and the UK demonstrate a model very similar to our own”, Distribuzione Moderna stated in an article, while elsewhere libations are more sustained. Italy is also part of the top group of countries in which women choose beer as their favourite of all alcoholic beverages. In Italy, the USA and Germany, one of every four women prefer beer to wine. An incredible result difficult to imagine just a few years ago. How can it be explained?

Beer is attractive due to its refreshing nature, and moderate alcohol content, as well as its nutritious value in comparison to other alcoholic drinks and cocktails. Drinking it responsibly is compatible with a balanced and varied diet, and an important ingredient of a healthy lifestyle.