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Food Segment Sees Growth

According to data from Italy’s National Institute of Statistics, or Istat, October 2012 ended with a 14.1% increase for the food segment of the export sector compared to the same month of 2011. The acceleration in exports of comestible goods had already reached positive territory during the summer months, but this trend clearly gathered momentum throughout October with a significant result. Year on year, food exports boasted gains of a notable 8%.
As the data from October demonstrates, the segment is responding to the current economic climate by pushing on the export front. This push has especially focused on far-away markets outside of the European Union, after what has been a very difficult year for the area. Growth has been down to the ability to react and compete globally for what is a primary industry for the country.
Italy is home to several areas of excellence that are recognised at the international level with the food and agriculture sector certainly among those which add the most prestige due to the constant research into quality and its capacity for innovation.

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