Food sector jobs

Food Sector Jobs at GIFT

On the hunt for food sector jobs? Then this is the right place. GIFT’s experience in the Italian sector is unparalleled, and we are currently on the lookout for potential candidates that possess an undying passion for the quality of Italian food, as well as the business sector behind it.

GIFT can provide a landing strip, or a launch pad for a number of categories of food sector jobs. This includes the entire industry spectrum, going from production to distribution, marketing to sales, and certifications to content. We are also searching for different kinds of professional arrangements that include internships, full or part-time jobs, and even placement for jobs with partners or affiliates.

The Italian food sector is increasingly focused on both the emerging, and the mature international markets in which Italian food is experiencing upward trends, and has room for more growth. This means that there is a new volume of jobs being created to fulfil this demand.

At the moment we are in the middle of an expansion phase worldwide. So, if you think you have something to add to this exciting project, we are looking for you, no matter where your home is.

Candidates should send their updated curriculum with cover letter to