Food Safety, Understanding the Guidelines

farm to fork

Adequate foodsafety initiatives are necessary for all products destined for consumption, and sector operators must be able to ensure that every single step follows basicfoodhygiene and the strictest food safety regulations "from the farm to the fork". Laws governing the supply chain, as well as the controls that foodstuffs are subject to vary greatly, but GIFT can help make sense of it all to make sure no effort is wasted.

The market spans the globe, and there needs to be a shared system in place to guarantee the reliability of suppliers, and above the goods they bring to consumers. The Global Food Safety Initiative, founded by a group of large retailers in the year 2000, has set as its mission the task of defining and updating a Guidance Document which contains the essential requirements for the certification of food items that companies can voluntarily adhere to.

The GFSI confers the FSSC 22000 as an acknowledgement of adherence to its internationally recognised benchmark. Originally conceived for rating safety and hygiene in food, the certificate’s flexibility also makes it ideal for application to other sectors.