Food Fraud Under Fire

Wal-Mart has begun a recall in China of food containing donkey meat. DNA analysis revealed the presence of various animals in the products, including fox meat. Sales of the product occurred in Jinan, the provincial capital of Shandong, according to China Daily.

It is not the first bad impression made by the US giant in the People’s Republic. In 2011 Wal-Mart was sentenced together with France’s Carrefour for false discounts on pricelists that had been inflated for the purpose. The National Development and Reform Commission – the body in charge of economic planning and controlling prices in the PRC – applied a sanction equal to five times the illegal earnings, reported the Xinhua press agency.

The current scandal is similar to that which rocked Europe in 2012, when numerous beef based products were found to contain horsemeat. Italian food production sits on the other side of the spectrum from this type of fraud, resting on a system of guarantees and controls implemented by the Ministry of Health and a specific arm of the Carabinieri police force.