Soft wheat flour

Soft wheat flour

Soft wheat flour, Italian excellence

Soft wheat flour is mainly cultivated and produced in the Po Valley area. According to legislation, Italian flour obtained using this particular grain (Triticum aestivum or vulgare) is the only kind that can be called “flour”, along with flours made with certain other grains, which must be specified on the label.

It is divided into the following categories, depending on how finely milled it is:

Type 00. This is the most refined version and therefore has the least vitamins, minerals and fibre. Its high starch content makes it ideal for making sponge cakes, where an egg added to the mixture will act as a binding agent to make up for a low level of gluten.

Type 0. More coarsely ground than the last, and hence containing a larger quantity of gluten. This means it is particularly recommended for fresh pasta and bread.

Type 1 and 2. Here the refinement is even less, leaving a higher amount of fibre. It is perfect for bread-making.

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