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Milan Expo 2015 Theme

The Milan Expo 2015 theme, “Feed the Planet, Energy for Life” does not admit delay. The need to sustain the earth’s population, while facing the growing and diversified demand for alimentation is the main thread and theme of Expo 2015, hosted in Milan.

Romano Prodi, former President of the European Commission, and to whom we owe our entry into a new era of legislation (thanks also to the “White paper on Food Safety” of 2000), identified the heart of the theme by asking the fundamental question: is there enough for everybody to eat?

No, more than 800 million people (11% of the global total) are starving. A sensitive issue, for which the “greats” of the world have not been able to create an effective plan, a situation that has to be countered with an increase in agricultural production. A theory analysed by the politician, who highlights the intrinsic difficulties, such as the wasting of land to provide biofuels and the already established use of the most fertile lands. Preventing future wars over sustenance is an imperative topic. And so what is to be done? We must waste less, produce using smaller quantities of water, invest in innovation and not steal another square metre of Italian soil from agriculture.

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