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expo food

expo food

Expo, genetically modified food? No, thanks

The focus of this edition of Expo: food and sustenance. The theme proposed by Expo 2015 concerns the equal distribution of resources across the globe, “Feed the Planet, Energy for Life”. Expo and food, research and technology. But can GMO techniques help to solve the malnutrition that afflicts 11% of the earth’s population?

Miguel Altieri, Professor of Agroecology at the University of California, Berkeley, says no. Expo 2015 must follow a different path. GM farming has not proved to be a viable solution to deal with the global issue of “food security”, but reflects only the monopolistic logic of profit. This is demonstrated, for instance, by the plantations of “roundup ready soy”, promoted for their resistance to glyphosate, a carcinogenic herbicide that pollutes the aquifers.

Genetic engineering has dealt with malnourishment in just 1% of cases, with dubious results (an example being rice enriched with vitamin A which did not prove sufficient to prevent the risk of blindness due to deficiencyof vitamins in 2 million children).

Expo and food. An appointment for a new future, able to guarantee proper nutrition to the people of the entire world, starting in 2015.

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