Expo 2015

Expo Cascina Triulza

Expo Cascina Triulza

Expo Cascina Triulza

Expo Cascina Triulza. The Cascina is a symbol of Milan when it was the capital of farming and agriculture. Expo 2015, where the civil society engaged in the incessant work to live in a more equitable and sustainable world comes together. The allocation of an entire pavilion reserved for non-profit activities, that will come alive with events and initiatives,  is unprecedented in the history of the Expo. Just like the virtuous agenda it proposes, opened on May 2nd, with Vandana Shiva.

The highly regarded Indian activist for human rights, defender of biodiversity, presented, at the Expo, the document “Terra Viva”, at he Cascina Triulza (completely renovated for the Expo), drawn up by experts from different countries, highlighting the close relationships between the current crisis. Land exploitation and grabbing, climate change, unemployment, inequality, violence, wars.

The Manifesto states the urgent need to modify the way of thinking formulated on a linear and mining approach, to a circular model based on reciprocity of giving and receiving. It points the way to proceed pursuing objectives of justice, dignity, sustainability and peace.

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