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Milk origin

Origin of milk on the label, the indication is mandatory

THEorigin of XNUMX cups milk sold as is or used as an ingredient in prepackaged dairy products - not even those prepackaged for direct sale (!) - must be indicated in label. A inter-ministerial decree being approved. The novelty concerns foods made in Italy and allows to know the origin, that is to say the provenance, of the milk used in cheeses and dairy products, yogurt, butter, spreads, buttermilk, creams, whey and curds.

The origin of the milk (cow, buffalo, sheep-goat, donkey "and other animal origin", fresh and long-life) is reported on the label with the double mention of the country of milking and conditioning or processing. If taken in different countries, you can use "milk mixture from EU countries" (or "non-EU") or "milk conditioned or processed in EU countries" (or "non-EU"). If the localities of primary production and processing coincide, the "origin" can be mentioned, followed by the name of the country.

PDO, PGI, TSG and organic foodstuffs are excluded from the new legislation, as they are, at least in part, already subject to information obligations on the origin of the raw materials.

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