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Coop Supermarket of the future

Coop, here is the supermarket of the future

Where does the raw material come from, in which packaged foods the allergens are found, how to properly dispose of the packaging of a product. The information usually written in painfully legible characters and many others (generally absent from the packaging) are within everyone's reach in the Supermarket of the future di Coop: a thousand square meters in the Bicocca Village, northern outskirts of Milan, where the most popular cinema in the Lombard capital is also located.

The structure re-proposes the Future Food District successfully tested during Expo 2015. Furnished in light dove gray wood, with low display units, the large sales area is entirely at the service of the consumer. Coop is not new to this policy: the only large-scale distribution brand to create a website to refer to the origin of branded products, it makes transparency an unstoppable workhorse. Now step forward with the help of technology.

In the supermarket of the future, even the less accustomed customer to the use of smartphones can interact with the 100 interactive monitors distributed in the store and receive any information on the 6 thousand references on sale and on current promotions. Along the aisles and in the fresh food counters (fruit and vegetables, meat and fish), the “touch totems” offer a screen on which to select products with a touch of the finger, or “read” them by passing them under the bar code reader. Through these simple moves you can access the "augmented label", that is to say, any information on the product you are evaluating. From the same totems you can compose the shopping list, to be collected two hours later at the parking lot.

The realization was carried out by Inres for the engineering part and by Accenture for the digital one. The hi-tech innovations will also be extended to other points of sale in the extensive network, which has over 1.100 stores.

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