Protecting Quality

Modena IGP balsamic vinegar has a new entity to protect its production through the merger of the Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Consortium and the Consorzio Filiera Aceto Balsamico di Modena. Strength in unity is a well-suited motto for the new body, which is some 50 members strong, representing more than 98% of total output. This IGP vinegar is different from the traditional DOP variety due to a larger extension of the production area and added wine vinegar to the cooked must, and possibly caramel and thickeners.

The export universe is made up of more than 100 countries, for a market that surpasses 600mln euros in value and 90mln liters in volume, making it one of the most recognizable Italian products in the world. The new Modena IGP balsamic vinegar consortium is an important pole for Italy’s food and agriculture business, both in terms of earnings and exports.

“The launching of the consortium is excellent news,” commented the head of the EU parliament’s agricultural commission, Paolo De Castro, who emphasized “it is a step that is in perfect harmony con European policy aimed at the sector focusing on investments in quality and organization, determining factors for presence in international markets.”