Italian Products at Market

export ue grande

In the first nine months of 2012 the value of Made in Italy food and agriculture exports reached 31 billion euros, an increase of 2%. The more than satisfactory results also showed market share taken from France in both the cheese and champagne segments. Italian beer also showed progress in Germany. Most of the export market was occupied by countries in the European Union, but made in Italy also posted gains in the United States and Asia.

Wine confirmed itself as one of the most important Italian products to influence exports, ahead of fresh produce, which stayed relatively stable together with olive oil. Pasta on the other hand gained wider space on foreign tables. Coldiretti chief, Sergio Marini, stated “this is the proof that in the great sea of globalisation we be will saved only by anchoring ourselves to the products, goods, and means of production which best express Italian identity, its territory, and its human resources.”