Food Quality Certification

Food quality is among the primary guarantees that importers from countries all over the world seek out for the products entering their home markets. Food quality certification also sits high on the list for global consumers, who want safe food, and are increasingly more informed on the standards of the raw ingredients used, not to mention their impact on what they buy.

Food quality certifcation reaches its apex in Italy, delivering on this premise to industry operators and shoppers alike. GIFT’s ability to enlist a number of top quality experts makes it an indispensable link in this value chain, creating a virtuous circle that is able to ensure that the excellence of Italian products has the maximum visibility with buyers, and the most qualified sector players globally.

The international marketplace is an unparalleled opportunity for the country’s best, but it must be turned to with the awareness that only serious and reliable producers merit all of the benefits that come with it.

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