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Food Brokers, International Intermediaries

GIFT food brokers in international commerce have decades of experience in the sector. Our team of food brokers carefully selects the right associates through which to bring Italian food excellence to market internationally, offering unparalled expertise and reliability.

Intermediaries work with a network of contacts on every continent at the institutional and industry level, as well as an internet-based hub in seven languages that quickly and easily conveys descriptions of producers and their products to the widest possible audience. Food brokers give international support to enterprises of any dimension in making commerce on the biggest stage happen.

Our intermediaries are also highly adapted to new markets like China, Russia, the Middle East and Latin America, where the possibility exists for exponential growth for Italian food. Whether emerging or mature, the key is getting noticed by the most suitable buyers. With a multi-language platform built around the latest in SEO, this is our specialty.

Whatever your needs, or stratum, we offer international success that is tailor made.

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