Italian lentils types

Italian lentils with sausage, lentil soup or puree? Recipes with lentils abound and unique traditions are never missing. It has always been one of the types of legumes considered the “meat of the poor” for its high protein content. Findings show that it was cultivated as far back as 7000 years ago in Europe and over 9000 in Asia.

It is for this very reason that history traces a path for us with Italian lentils starting in ancient Greece, passing through Rome, with flavors that arrive to our tables from Medieval times. As types of legumes go, the fame of Italian lentils is due to their astounding nutrition (they are rich in vitamins and proteins), and the ease by which they are found. Cooking this legume is an antique gesture, a way of bringing to our kitchens a historic flavor that maintains its relevance today.

Some of the most famed and delicious Italian lentils originate in Castelluccio, harvested in the MonteSibillini National Park at an altitude of 1,500 meters. They have a thin skin that allows them to be cooked with no soaking. Other Italian varietals include Altamura, Villalba and Colfiorito (all with the DOP protected origin certification), perfect for soups and unforgettable recipes to pepper autumn and winter. Few people outside Italian folklore know that they also bring good luck!


Italian Lentil Soup

Italian lentil soup, recipes for any occasion Italian lentil soup is an example of reinvigorating Italian lentil recipes, ideal for cold winter evenings. It is one of those bowls of lentil soup, steeped in tradition, that is able to turn your table into a place of warmth and intimacy for...

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