Italian Chickpeas

Italian chickpeas

The nutritional properties of Italian chickpeas are as unique as the various Italian recipes with chickpeas that exalt the spread of their wholesomeness, proven by a number of studies that confirm their nutritive prowess.

Cooking them is an optimal way of introducing vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, C, E, K and J) into your diet, as well as more vegetable protein and fiber. A recent study also demonstrates how they can lower bad cholesterol levels thanks to the strong presence of magnesium that favors heart function.

Beyond nutrition, Italian chickpeas are a mainstay of the Italian country cooking tradition, providing authentic flavor to dishes like soups. Available canned, jarred or dried (requiring 12 hours of soaking before preparation), they are the third most produced legume on the planet. Traditional plates are from around the world (humus), but Italian recipes with chickpeas stand out for depth of taste (pasta e ceci).

They are seeds of the Cicer arentinum plant cultivated since ancient times in the eastern Mediterranean. The Cireale variety of Italian chickpeas is recognized by Slow Food as a top local Italian production.

Italian Chickpeas

Italian Chickpea Soup

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